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Double You

'Double You' is a social experiment in borders and identity, two performances which that take place simultaneously, interwoven with each other. Five hybrid artists share two stages, separated by one wall. A circus performance which constantly teases boundaries and offers each spectator a unique experience. Everyone drummer, everyone acrobat, everyone welcome. Are you ready to overcome your 'FOMO'?


Collective: Thomas Decaesstecker, Mehdi Delanoeije, Ward Mortier, Dario Tabakov and Tars Van Der Vaerent

Dramaturgy: Craig Weston

Lighting design: David Carney

Technique: Brice Agnes, Elise Reculeau

External ear: Marie-Anne Standaert, Stijn Dickel, Celestin Massot

External Eye: Zora Snake, Jesse Huygh, Sander Decuyper, Gianna Sutterlet

Costume: Ella Courvoisier, Perrine Ritter

Video: Zaur Kourazov

Co-production: PERPLX, Dommelhof Provincial Domain, CirkLabo, MiraMiro, UP-Circus & Performing Arts

Residences: Circuscentrum, Center des Arts Scéniques, Dommelhof Provinciaal Domein, Latitude 50, Miramiro, MCAth, 30CC, Palestinian Circus School, PERPLX, CC De Grote Post, GC De Kroon

With the support of the Flemish Community and the City of Ghent

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