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'LIVING' is a social-artistic project that takes hybrid circus beyond the public space. into locations that are not normally intended for performance. Creation and performance take place in these locations: personal homes, living rooms, care institutions, cafés, libraries, prisons… and the diverse architecture and levels of intimacy play a profound part in the final event. 


Be Flat is interested in the exchange that takes place between residents, artists, organisations and the public. The company wants to stimulate curiosity for the unknown and ensure that everyone, including the most vulnerable among us, can experience contemporary circus from a front row seat.

The intergenerational and cross-disciplinary character of the LIVING team ensures a broad and flexible vision. Circus artists, audiovisual artists, physical actors, dramatists and jazz musicians make up the team of 11 artists working together in 'LIVING'.

A project in 3 phases:

LIVING Lab (6 research weeks: January 2023 – June 2023)

We start with an extensive research period where the group sets out to develop a common performative language. 

The locations and the spectators are variable factors that play a large part within LIVING. Through 'field improvisations' and on the basis of 'open labs' we explore how we can play with these variables. The purpose of these residency weeks is to define our potential reach and desired impact.

LIVING Circus (6 creation weeks: October 2023 - February 2024)

We then work towards 5 different performances in duo and trio formation. We make pieces of 25 minutes that always connect to the place where they are performed.

The different members of the group can take on specific responsibilities, supporting and guiding each other's creative process. Creation of adaptable performances can only be made on the basis of real playing situations, so we will present try-out performances at Theater op de Markt, CirkLabo festival, cc De Spil, (MiraMiro festival or Smells like circus: to be confirmed), and Living will officially 'premiere' during the living room festival Chambre d’O, organised by cc De Grote Post in Oostend Belgium.


LIVING Beyond (as of March 2024) 

“In order to offer accessible and inclusive circus to the people, we have to go back to the public space!” 

In LIVING Beyond we bridge the gap between private and public spaces. We realise 'One-shot performances' , reaching a very mixed audience with greater impact. The conceptualisation and realisation of these 'happenings' always takes place in close co-operation with the organisation and their local cultural partners. Each Beyond performance is tailor-made and has its own logic, aesthetic and message. The neighbourhood is actively involved and plays an important role in the event. The creation periods are intense, over a maximum of 10 days, followed by a limited series of performances. 

We plan LIVING Beyond performances in collaboration with MAD Festival, Circusstad, Theater op de Markt, CirkL, Hopla! and De Groote Stooringe. 

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